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B.Sc Multimedia & Networking
Academic year 2012-2013

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Academic Year (2012-2013) Admissions open for I, II & III year


GOI's Scholarship for SC, ST, DNT, NT, VJNT, SBC Students 100%

OBC Students 50% Scholarship

For Minority Students Secured 50% Marks Get Minority Scholarship From Govt.

Education Loan by Nationalize Bank for First Class Studentss.

Fees Installments for Girls & Economiclly Backword Class Students
B.Sc. Multimedia & Networking
Approved by Government of Maharashtra and Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
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Second year
Third year
Course Curriculum Information
Course Duration: Three Year (Six Semester Exam) Degree Course
Eligibility: H.S.C Exam (12thStd) from Science stream from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher secondary education, Pune, or any other examination equivalent thereto.
Intake Capacity: 60 Seats
Passing Criteria: In order to pass the examination of B.Sc. Multimedia & Networking, a candidate must secure atleast 40% of marks in each paper (theory & sessional together) & Project work as well as 50 % in aggregate of three years.

We are proud to introduce our B.Sc. Networking Multimedia with emphasis on 2D & 3D Animation with 3D Max & Maya, Film making and editing, Sound Editing, Advertising Art, with CorelDraw, Photoshop, Photography techniques with Historical & modern camera, Web Designing in HTML, JAVA Script,& Flash, With the view to enhance the existing syllabus and make it more practical based, industry affable and suitable to cater the needs of society and nation..

The film making & Sound Editing programmes offered by us are intensive programmes based around theory, we do practical exercises, film making and industry experience. The programmes are based on motion picture studies in theory, practical exercises for film photography. The learning takes place in a professional environment, where students learn from the Expertise of the Industry.

By the end of the program students have acquired the knowledge and expertise they need to work in the Animation film and television industry. Depending on the talents demonstrated by each individual, students may hold a variety of positions: traditional & digital animator, visualizer, digital matte painting artist, story board artist 2D & 3D character animator, effects artist, modeling artist, technical artist, compositor, BG & Layout artist, rigging artist etc.

Inaugration of Student Concil by Famous Flim Producer and Director N.Chandra

Sr. No Sub code Subject name Theory Practical Sessional
Semester I
1 MN301 Computer Fundamentals 80 - 20
2 MN302 Communication Skills 80 - 20
3 MN303 Graphics 30 - 20
4 MN304 Desktop Publishing 30 - 20
5 MN305 Digital Art Photography (Part1) 80 - 20
6 MN351 Practical Based on MN303 & MN304   100  
7 MN352 Practical Based on MN305   100  
Semester II
8 MN306 Digital Art Photography (Part2) 80 - 20
9 MN307 Web Designing and Java Script 80 - 20
10 MN308 Advertising 80 - 20
11 MN309 HTML Basics 80 - 20
12 MN353 Practical Based on MN306 & MN307   100  
13 MN354 Practical Based on MN308& MN309   100  
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Dream Weaver HTML Basics, Web Animation in Adobe Flash, Web Designing and Java Script.

Modern Advertising Methods & Marketing With Communication Skill.

Our College Faculty & Students Performing Practical in Photography Studio.

Sr. No Sub code Subject name Theory Practical Sessional
Semester III
14 MN310 Transferring Digital Photographs 80 - 20
15 MN311 Web Animation in Adobe Flash 80 - 20
16 MN312 2D Animation 80 - 20
17 MN313 Basics of Audio 80 - 20
18 MN355 Practical Based on MN310 & MN 311   100  
19 MN356 Practical Based on MN312& MN313   100  
Semester IV
20 MN314 Digital Film Making 80 - 20
21 MN315 Modeling and Texturing in Maya 80 - 20
22 MN316 Premier and Sound Forge 80 - 20
23 MN317 3D Foundation Fundamentals 80 - 20
24 MN357 Practical Based on MN314 & MN315   100  
25 MN358 Practical Based on MN316 & MN 317   100  
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Computer Graphics 2D Animation 3D Animation

This course covers the fundamental principles of computer graphics and their use in prominent applications. The lectures include Device independent graphics Raster and vector devices, world coordinates, the normalisation transformation, output primitives, input primitives, Polygon rendering 3D data base representation, projection onto a viewing surface, transformation of graphical scenes, homogenous co-ordinates, affine transformations for animation.

2D Animation has its attraction and origin dating back to the19thcentury. Today it has become more sophisticated and widely used. not only for videos and story telling, it has become a trend to use flash for TV productions and webisodes.

3D graphic animations including animated 3D models,characters are a great way to bring to life an idea or design that is still on the drawing board or just difficult to describe with words. 3D animations can make that visual that is invisible or hard to conceive.

Sr. No Sub code Subject name Theory Practical Sessional
Semester V
26 MN318 Fash Web Site Design 80 - 20
27 MN319 3D Modeling and Animation I 80 - 20
28 MN320 3D Modeling and Animation II 80 - 20
29 MN321 Elective ?I ( Any One ) 80 - 20
30 MN359 Practical Based on MN318 & MN319   100  
31 MN360 Practical Based on MN320 & MN 321   100  
Semester VI
32 MN322 Video Introduction and Advanced 80 - 20
33 MN323 Digital Film Editing 80 - 20
34 MN324 Sound Editing Engineering 80 - 20
35 MN325 Elective -II (Any One) 80 - 20
36 MN361 Major Project 80 - 20
37 MN362 Seminar   100  
Sem V Elective-I For 100 Marks(Select any One)
38 MN321 Working with Audio      
39 MN321 Web Designing in Dreamweaver      
40 MN321 3D Texturing and Lighting      
41 MN321 3D Rigging and Animation      
42 MN321 3D Dynamics and Particles      
43 MN321 Digital Sculpting and Texturing      
Sem VI For 100 Marks Elective-II (Select any One)
44 MN325 3D Rendering      
45 MN325 Character Modeling      
46 MN325 Visual Effects      
47 MN325 Compositing      
48 MN325 VFX Shoot      
49 MN325 Animation Production Pipelining      
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Flim & Movie Editing Video Indrodution and Advance,VFX Shoot, Digital Flimm Editing.

Sound Editing Basics of Audio,Working with Audio,Premier and Sound Forge,Cool Edit Pr, Sound Editing Engineering.

Digital Art Photography Transferring Digital Photographs

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